Our patent attorneys have the legal and technical background needed to fully understand and protect our clients' technologies and market.

Prior to our firm, our patent attorneys worked in various technological industries including wireless telecommunications, software engineering, internet applications, circuit design, chemical engineering and mechanical/manufacturing arts. Some of our patent attorneys have also worked at Japan Patent Office as examiner. These experiences allow our patent attorneys to offer clients the highest quality legal service in the IP field.

Representative Technological Areas:
  • -Electrical Engineering and Semiconductors
  • -Wireless, Ethernet and Internet Technology
  • -Mechanical Engineering
  • -Robotics
  • -Automotive and Hybrid Technology
  • -Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing
  • -Software and Business Methods
  • -Optics and Optical Networking
  • -Nanotechnology
  • -Software and Business Methods
  • -Power Generation and Solar Technology
  • -Chemical Engineering and Chemistry