Indicator of protection of personal information

We execute the following things to protect and control the personal information which is offered by the customer who had inquired of our office and by the applicant of the adoption.

Collection of personal information
We collect and use personal information on the name, the address, the telephone number, and the mail address, etc. only for the purpose of the correspondence to inquiry and the recruitment.

Protection of personal information
We protect collected personal information strictly and We do prevention and the security precaution so that neither the loss, the falsification nor the leakage, etc. of personal information may happen.

Presentation and disclosing of personal information to third party
We don't offer and disclose the collected personal information to the third party if there is no agreement of the person. However, it is exception that the personal information is demanded by the law, the court or the administrative agency.

Indication, correction, and deletion of personal information
If the customer request to indicate, to correct, or to delete own personal information we will correspond for a reasonable period after we confirm that the request is done by the customer himself.

Change in privacy policy
This privacy policy might be revised if necessary. We notifies on the homepage when there are significant changes.